Family Law

At BBL Solicitors we appreciate that this is usually a difficult time for the parties involved and we handle each matter with sensitivity.

We can advise and guide you through family matters, such as divorce and separation, financial and children issues.

Every case is different and we provide a service tailored to our clients circumstances. We work closely with our clients to protect their interests and to achieve the best result for them whilst avoiding long drawn out disputes and animosity wherever possible.

We offer advice in family related areas, including:

◾ Divorce
◾ Financial Settlement after Divorce or Separation
◾ Property Disputes


We understand that most clients would prefer to resolve disagreements without resorting to litigation and at minimum expense. We work with our clients in a considered and supportive way. We aim to work with clients to achieve a cost effective and fair resolution to their disagreement wherever possible without litigation.

We can assist clients with:

◾ Contract Disputes
◾ Consumer Disputes
◾ Personal Injury

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